Kalakkal Campus

"Kalakkal Campus" is a brand new campus game show which contains small and easy games for the students. Winner will get gifts, and this show covers all the colleges and schools in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Time:  6.00pm Saturday


Mini Cinema

Mini Cinema is an best entertainment heavily passionate about storytelling through 30 minutes. Our goal is to deliver the best out of the film and enriching experience for every fan of cinema. It's a theater experience for the viewers that is creative and entertaining.

Time:  6.00pm Friday



Hi Pepperstv viewers, want to dedicate your favorite songs to your favorite one's? Take up your mobile , get into whats app and type your favorite songs along with your selfie to the specified number. Hey guys why are you waiting , get it done now.


Mom & Me

They say the bond between a mother and her child is the strongest connection in nature. Yet how many times have we really thanked our moms for just being there for us? Peppers Tv gives you the wonderful opportunity to express your love and care. A complete kid’s live show ‘mom n me’ comes to you every Sunday at 12.30 pm. Call up and share with the world the best things you like about your mom.

Time:  12.30pm Sunday


Thattu Kadai

In this fast flying world a show which is really apt for the current people is the "Thattu Kadai". Peppers TV is succeeding in its new and fresh attempts in the television field has come up with its next creation "Thattu Kadai". Finding, tasting and presenting the special, tasty, unique and delicious foods from your city, from your street is our brand new "Thattu Kadai". Don't Miss It.

Time:  11.30am Friday,    3:30pm Saturday


Gaana Pettai

Pepperstv proudly presents "GAANA PETTAI", encouraging people who are good in fast beat songs and what they call it as GAANA songs. Gaana is unique to tamil culture initially originating from North Madras used for singing during festivals or any other occasions. Gaans songs are similar to Rapping.

Time:  9.00pm Sunday    9.30pm Monday


Attra Sakai - Sema Comedy

" ATTRA SAKAI " Sema Comedy, a fresh new concept never before on screen. A comedy show that functions and incorporates virtually every kind of HUMOR , that one could conceive - slapstick comedy, parody,satire,farce,jokes,witty humor , SPOOF and much more.. Don't miss to watch "ATTRA SAKAI"- Sema Comedy.

Time:  8.00pm Wednesday    1.00pm Saturday


Peppers Podu Sernthu Paadu

Music is an art, in which people can connect their feelings. To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life. In music, a song is a composition for voice performed by singing or alongside musical instruments. Mostly in Tamil movies songs are more dominated. Hearing songs increases the happiness and decreases the sadness. More than hearing many people wants to sing the song. But the only difficult for them is lyrics. Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music. For all music lovers' peppers TV brings the new show "PEPPERS PODU SERNTHU PAADU". In this show your favorite songs will be telecasted along with the lyrics. So everyone can sing the song by watching PEPPERS TV.

Time:  9.00pm Saturday    6.00pm Tuesday


Mama Nadippa Paathuko

New format comedy show. People like the unexpected . There are many instances where people would like to have their favorite moments captured, but without the need to pull out a camera phone. These include audience performances and more. Looking to enhance the experience of a comedy show, our concept uses heart rate and noise sensors to detect the funniest jokes for an audience member. This concept has scalable value outside of comedy events. So sit back relaxed and enjoy the show. Be connected with Pepperstv.

Time:  8.00pm Thursday    6.30pm Sunday


Reach Out

Peppers tv brings you the " All New Reach Out ". This name for sure strikes a chord in your heart and a wide smile on your face. The time has come once again to pickup the phone pour your heart out to Vj. A show is a call in show for the young & the young at heart . The weekdays have just gotten more fun , Monday to Friday. This show as your platform to tell about yourself , your likes , your dreams , and your secretes. Every day Vj gives you one topic , and play your favorite songs. This one hour will be the Happy hour. So get ready for Reach Out.

Time:  5.00pm Monday - Friday


Peppers Plus

Peppers Plus is a weekly program about the various events happening in and around Chennai, not to mention a smorgasbord of shopping, food, fashion and more!. Peppers plus are the main sources of Lifestyle influence among globally. Lifestyle trends include how people eat, dress, communicate, etc.,. Check it out.

Time:  11.30am Tuesday     3.30pm Wednesday



That something hasn't happened are always interesting to us, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know. Peppers comes out with a unique program named "50:50", where all your knowns and unknowns get solved. And also public , request their favourite songs.

Time:  7.30pm Monday     6.00pm Saturday


Chennai Pola Varuma

As Chennai, the first modern city of India, will celebrate 22nd August, 2014 its 375th birthday, Peppers TV has launched the Chennai Pola Varuma video to celebrate the occasion & give a fitting tribute to the history, tradition, and culture of this city.



Rock music has been a volatile, unpredictable creature that has constantly redefined and reinvented itself since its emergence . Not surprisingly, then, it can be extremely difficult to apply a straightforward definition to such a restless musical format.

Undoubtedly, rock music will keep evolving in the future, drawing from its rich history while continuing to keep its ear open for the next sonic reinvention. Here on Peppers TV we present "RHYTHM"a "Head Banging" rock show .

Time:  5.00pm Sunday     1.00pm Thursday


Namma Veetu Chef

Food is a universal necessity. But it is only human beings who Endeavour to transform food into something more. Every culture has a unique food philosophy. The way we cook our food tells a lot about who we are. Each and every woman in the world is the best chef. This is the show for those chefs to show their massive talent to the entire world. This is not a show to judge their talent; this is to encourage their talent. We are going to capture those talents on each and every flat in the name of "Namma Veetu Chef".

Time:  11.30am Sunday    3.30pm Monday


Siria Maatram Peria Vetri

Most of the people on this planet feel that being SUCCESS is a good thing. However there comes the question What is Sucecess? How is Success achieved?

In what areas of life do you already feel like success? What role do Time Management , Character , Attitude ,Goal setting ,Integrity and much more influence on your SUCCESS.

Siria Maatram Peria Vetri a PEP-talk by IRS Mr.Arun Bharath.

Time:  8.00am Monday - Friday


Siragadikkum Manasu

Siragadikkum Manasu deals with right from expert opinion on managing children, problems of marrying too young, psychological counseling , educational challenge for youngsters, man-woman relationship divide and much more. Smt RajaRajeshwari addresses all the viewers questions which is sent through E-mail.

Time:  12.00pm  Monday


Dream Home

Design your dream home on Peppers tv's new show "Dream home". The dream that many people will have to buy their own home. But lot of confusions is there and it starts from buying land and it continued on building and decorating. To solve your confusions, experts like land promoter, building constructor, vaasthu specialist, bank manager, interior designer are participating in this program.



Women icon

Its about women of substance. It's difficult to break down a real woman because, she will learn from her mistakes, gather her strength and overcome the obstacles courageously and that is the reason we call them as WOMEN ICON. It showcases women in different fields, exploring their talents and interms of both physically and mentally.

Time:  11.30am Monday    3.30pm Tuesday


Geara Maathu

Geara Maathu is the show from peppers tv, going to rock the audience with top Gear.. This show coming up with three gears such as Funny Gear, Live Gear, Hollywood Gear...

Program gives that kind of interesting videos to not only youths, and also to the whole family as entertainer.

Time:  7.30pm Tuesday    9.30pm Wednesday


Aaha idhu kalyanam

wedding is one of the most important days of our life and that is solved in Aaha idhu kalyanam. We discuss segments right from bridal introductions , Maalai soodava, wedding bazzar, thaali kattu kondadu and planning for the wedding.


Chat With Ramya

Do you need someone to be looking for a guidance which you cannot share with others and guide you to support each other in times of need, then CHAT WITH RAMYA. Ramya , Unique personality for friends, relatives, neighbors and many more.

Carring Deeply for you, an LIVE interactive show. Dont miss it !!!!

Time:  9.00pm Friday



When you listen to your favorite songs, haven't you felt carried away to a new realm by the lovely music? Now meet the talented instrumentalist, who drew their talents of their instruments, which blows our heart with music.

Time:  5.00pm Saturday    1.00pm Tuesday


Lunch box

"Lunch box" the cookery show hosted by Krithika Radhakrishnan on peppers TV, focuses on tasty and healthy cooking using simple recipes and readily available ingredients. The show has two parts one on cookery and the other on health. Apart from this food prepared all will fits on lunch box.

Time:  11.30am Thursday    6.00pm Friday


Women icon

Its about be a women of substance. Be real women, it's difficult to break down a real woman because, she will learn from her mistakes, gather her strength and overcome the obstacles courageously and that is the reason we call them as WOMEN ICON. It showcases women in different fields, exploring their talents and interms of both physically and mentally.


Gadget Box

Here's the dope on all those funky new gadgets you ever wanted. Check out hot reviews of the latest mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more.

Time:  11.30am Wednesday    3.30pm Thursday


Hi 5

Keep up with the latest movie releases and find out more about them before the others do, Catch the hottest movies in town! Take a sneak peek at the Top 5 movies of the week served piping hot.

Time:  8.00pm Thursday    1.00pm Friday


Hobby Lobby

Meet the city's most interesting people. People who have a hobby of their own, be it collecting coins or vintage cars. Watch them passionately displaying and talking about their wonderful collection, a labour of love. It may even inspire you to start your own collection.

Time:  8.00am Sunday



Black & White

Go back in time and discover the evergreen appeal of songs from the Black & White era! Nostalgia revisited at its best. Stars of yesteryears like Shivaji, Jayalalith.MGR, Saroja Devi, Vyjayanthimala a nd others.


One and Only

Check out the buzz on the latest films in a funky style with our whacky VJ Fan Fu Chai! It's fun unlimited. Served hot and happening!

Time:  7.30pm Thursday    8.30pm Saturday


Horror Night

Get ready to get scared! Watch as the darkest horrors and powers of evil take over the screen. We bring you the most terrifying clips from horror films that are destined to give you sleepless nights. Don't tell us you were not warned!

Time:  10.00pm  Sunday


Padithathil Pidithathu

Books are our best friends transporting us into new worlds. Find out what the celebrities are reading and the books that inspired and shaped their thoughts. We have celebrities like Gnani sharing their favourites.

Time:  8.00am  Saturday


`' is a fresh new concept never-before seen on screen. A comedy show that functions like a comedy search engine and incorporates virtually every kind of humour one could conceive - slapstick comedy, standup comedy, parody, satire, mimicry, situational comedy, witty humour, farce, jokes and much more.

Time:  8.00pm Tuesday    1.00pm Wednesday


Gayathri Varuvaala

Gayathri Varuvaala is an exciting crime thriller that traces a journalist's quest for justice. Gayathri bravely exposes the atrocities in society in the Pudhuyugam magazine and earns the wrath of influential people. Watch her thrilling escapades.



Super Scenes

Watch the most talked about scenes! Remember the scenes where your favourite heroes scorched the screens? Or the unforgettable scenes that marked the best of a director's talent? And of course the scenes where the pretty heroines touched your heart with their charm.

Time:  8.00pm Monday    6.00pm Wednesday


30 Minutes With Us!

Love everything about celebrities? Find out what makes them tick. Watch them unveil their joys, sorrows, achievements and secrets as they open their hearts and share them with you. A fun chat that lets you get closer and personal with them.

Time:  7.30pm Saturday    1.30pm Tuesday


Cover Page

The city is buzzing and alive with events ranging from dance, music and other exciting events. Don't miss a single one! We take you to the hottest hangouts and most happening events in town! It's a true celebration of all that life has to offer!

Time:  10.00pm Saturday    9.30pm Thursday


Nizhalum Nijamum

A look at current events that have shaken our world and conscience. Bringing together opinions and views of activists, intellectuals and the public on these burning issues in a bid to find a solution.



FWD Film News

Don’t you enjoy getting the latest Fwd Messages from your friends? The same way you are sure to enjoy Fwd: Film News. Catch up on the hottest Kollywood happenings every week! Be the first to know what’s on in the glitzy world of movies.

Time:  8.00pm Saturday    6.00pm Monday


Dhinam Dhinam Dharisanam

Get the divine blessings of the Gods right from your home!
 A spiritual travelogue that gives you the real feel of a temple visit. Watch it and feel blessed.

Time:  6.00am    Monday - Sunday


Paadal Pirantha Kadhai

When you listen to your favourite songs, haven't you felt carried away to a new realm by the lovely lyrics? Now meet the talented lyricist who has penned each song with creativity and imagination.

Time:  8.30pm  Sunday


Golden Movies

The glory of old blockbuster movies is back! Golden oldies in brand new packaging feature here and take one back to the magic of movies in days of yore. Relive the joy of classics!

Time:  1.30pm  Friday


Fashion Passion

The hottest fashion shows and the coolest trends come alive on screen! A ringside view of the exciting world of beautiful models and hi-fashion! Also take a peek behind the scenes and what goes into making each a success.



Comedy Signal

The funniest comedy clips that keep you in splits! Watch it any time for a hearty laugh that adds a zing to your life! Rock with the funsters from Goundamani-Senthil, Vadivelu, Vivek, Mayilsamy to Santhanam.

Time:  10.30am   Monday - Sunday


Stir Fry

Top Chefs teach you how to make delicious and exotic dishes from commonly available ingredients. Our team also travels to different places and discovers the regional flavours and taste along with a rich dose of our cultural heritage.

Time:  11.30am Saturday    3.30pm Sunday


Wav Files

Back-to-back songs from the latest films play here! Catch your favourite heroes and heroines in these dazzling song sequences. Stay in step with the hottest songs, don't get left behind!

Time:  4.00pm  Monday - Sunday


Chennai Pattinam

It's an extract from the biography of a celebrity, enjoy a day with a celebrity sharing the exciting journey of his life and his or her relationship with the city and how it shaped him or her.